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Reliability & Maintenance Analyst

Do you need a user friendly software package to:

  • Determine test durations and sample sizes?  (Click Here to view a white paper that demonstrates how to reduce testing requirements by over 50%, and to download a free software package to perform the calculations.)
  • Analyze reliability test data? (Click Here for a white paper explaining why the exponential distribution is misused so often.)
  • Analyze warranty or field data?
  • Estimate reliability with confidence limits? (Click Here for a demonstration of how to determine a lower confidence limit for reliability.)

Then try the Reliability & Maintenance Analyst.  This intuitive software package has been adopted as a global standard by the Ford Motor Company, Federal Express and Lear.

Reliability Trainer

If you need to train engineers in reliability principles without sending them to expensive seminars or trying to schedule on-site courses with high-priced consultants, then you should consider the Reliability Trainer.  The Reliability Trainer is an intranet based interactive training course for reliability engineering.  Click Here for more details.

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